SAP 2000 Workshops

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) is pleased to invite SEGSO members to the following workshop:

What? SAP 2000 is a well-known and widely used structural modeling software in industry; for this reason, familiarizing yourself with it is certainly beneficial for you career as an engineer. Moreover, this is the software the Seismic Design Competition (SDC) team relies on to test different structural designs and to make predictions about our models, so those interested in participating in the SDC should definitely attend!

When? EERI will be hosting two tutorial sessions on:

Wednesday, October 15th, 5pm – SAP2000 Basics

Presented by Anahid Behrouzi, EERI-UIUC Chapter Graduate Advisor

Thursday, October 16th, 5pm – Seismic Design Applications

Presented by Travis Welt, a PhD candidate and research engineer at NIST

Where? Both tutorial sessions will occur in Mechanical Engineering Lab 1009


How do I sign up? Since we have limited computer terminals available in the lab for the workshop, anyone interested must sign-up by clicking hereNote: If you plan to attend only one of the sessions, be sure to mark your answers accordingly.

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